Sony Cooks Up Stylish T-Series Cyber-Shots

Sony today has introduced a new line of its digital Cyber-Shot cameras in the T-series, launching with a pair of decent-on-paper, slim point-n-shoots. Coming in black, silver, or red (pictured), the T100 is a mighty picture taking machine, with 8-Megapixels of resolution, a 3-inch LCD, and 5x optical zoom (of the Carl Zeiss variety, of course).

The T20 is a slightly more pedestrian version of the above, though it includes a pink option, something that we’re seeing a lot of lately (market to the girls, Sony, do it!). Besides the blush casing, the camera has a 2.5-inch LCD and a 3x zoom, but retains the 8-Megapixel power of the previous. Sadly, Memory Stick is the storage format, but that’s not at all surprising.

One neat touch Sony has added to the cameras, though, is the ability to output directly to a hi-def video monitor via component. This is remarkable in that Sony normally goes for Sony-to-Sony, Sony-to-all is a new step and could be telling of things to come for the company. The cameras have a built-in slideshow function, meaning after you make your party snaps, you can replay them directly. Neat.

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