Kinetic Mobile Phones On The Way

Don’t you just hate it when you’re at the club shakin’ your ass off all night long and when it comes time to call for a ride your mobile phone is dead? Yeah, I really hate that. A few ravers do, too, and they’ve put down their glow sticks long enough to patent a kinetic mobile phone.

According to the patent it could go beyond mobile phones to a wide variety of electronic devices, i.e. Xbox 360 controllers or your naughty toys. The nitty-gritty states that the wireless electronic device has a control mechanism, a kinetic energy to electrical energy converter, and a movable user interface element. Wave it around like a crazy person and you’ve got yourself a charged up mobile phone.

This would be such a hot seller. Again, I will take this opportunity to state how much I need this because my SK3 has the worst battery life of any mobile/smart phone on the market. Danger, T-Mo are you listening?

Shake It [Mad4MobilePhones via Textually]