German Cryptophones: Securephones, not Smartphones

or Wizard smartphones, utilize AES 256 and Twofish encryption to make sure that your voice calls are secure as possible.

These phones aren’t smartphones, though. They do not run the Windows Mobile OS like the standard versions, but instead GSMK’s proprietary security OS. In theory, you could install WinMo on these phones, but then you’d be compromising the security features. Much like installing Windows on anything else. (Zing!)

GSMK says that its security features are bulletproof and challenges anyone to test them. Go for it, we have better things to do. Pricing varies by model, and if you do want one, you’re responsible for any export/import regulations you might be breaking, so unless you know what you’re doing, we recommend just cupping your hand over your mouth like in Casino.

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