Wired Bombshell: AppleTV, Zune To Become Gaming Devices

Far be it from us to start rampant rumors and speculation, but sometimes we notice something that falls through the cracks and we can’t resist. Greg Canessa, the former general manager for Xbox Live, as well as a former employee of Apple specializing in games, has quietly dropped a bomb in an interview regarding his new position at PopCap games to Wired.

When asked what exactly he’ll be doing for PopCap, the game designer and distributor responsible for games like Bejeweled, among others, said something he maybe shouldn’t have.

In part:

[I will be] taking the stable of franchises and games out of PopCap’s studio and adapting, customizing it for different platforms — adding multiplayer, new play modes, HD, customizing the user interface and display for Zune, iPod, AppleTV, Nintendo DS, PSP.

Wait a minute. Zune and AppleTV? Yep, that’s what the man said. We’re not sure if this is officially sanctioned gaming or something more along the lines of Tecmo Bowl, but PopCap’s stuff is already available from both Xbox Arcade and iTunes, so the jump to Zune and AppleTV isn’t that great.

So there you have it, not one but two rumors for conjecture and discussion in one sentence. We salute you, Mr. Canessa for opening up this can of worms. What think you, dear reader? Is this crap or probable? Personally, we find this within the realms of probable.

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