Super Bowl XLI Commercial Coverage

. Hickey is sitting at the 30 yard line of the Big Game at our favorite watering hole in Seattle, the Twilight Exit. And I’m sitting in my room staring blankly at the television from bed with my broke ass Powerbook sputtering toward death.

We all know that the Superbowl is chock full of the most innovative and geektastic commercials of the year, so we will be live blogging our thoughts on the relevant ads as they’re shown, from Apple to Zenith.

Refresh this story frequently for our rundown on what works, what doesn’t, and why the Bears will probably lose.

(I’m cheering for the Bears. – Blake)

Blockbuster Online Fake Mouse

Blockbuster is tired of eating NetFlix’s dust, but that’s no excuse for this piece of crap. Sure, it’s a cute idea, but CG talking animals are so 2006, don’t you think?

Plus, as laptop sales surpassed desktop sales last year for the first time, they could have made touchpad jokes. But, no, they went with the mouse, way too easy, in our book.

That being said, the Blockbuster Online service is a decent competitor to the almighty NetFlix, and they even have games, you nerd. – Hickey


We’re not actually going to talk about that abortion. – Blake

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is trying hard for domain dominance. Its commercial was pretty lackluster but it pulled the sex appeal deliberately enough that it could sway some toward its product.

View it here. – Blake

Grab Your Garmin

Garmin Nuvi commercial with a Starman theme was awesome. Evil map-o-zaurus! Epic battle.

Grab your Garmin and take on the world. I love it. – Blake

Dear Career Builder Dot Com:

I haven’t played Lemmings in years. And I was OK with that. Thanks for making me want to break out the 386. I’m not sure what the message of your ad was, but I didn’t get it. instead, I saw pasty 30-something men shirtless, dirty, and in a jungle. Were that what I wanted, I know how to get to Florida on my own.

Thanks! – Hickey

Sprint’s Manly Problem

Do you suffer from connectile dysfunction? If so, please consult your local wireless specialist for information about how you can cure yourself of slow, or worse no, wireless broadband.

Side effects may include draconian contract terms, spotty coverage, unreasonable cash payouts, bluetooth atrophy and rickets. – Blake

Vapid Update

I’m not sure what Charles Barkley has to do with that T-Mobile commercial, but if I had his number, he’d be in my Top 5 Faves. That is a fact.

It was good, but no K-Fed showing off Britney’s money. And yes, Federline, I would like fries with that. – Hickey

Hewlitt-Packard Rides to Live, Lives to Ride

When I think of powerful processors, like the the new quad-core monsters HP’s pushing, I think of tattoos, motorcycles, and dragons. That’s why I’m glad the processors were introduced using the Orange County Choppers dudes. Nice, HP, nice. Now I wanna ride my hog and upgrade.

What’s really great is the tagline, “Computers are personal again”, because nothing says “personal” like a moustached, hulking biker. – Hickey

All Good Things

So the underdog Colts defeated the mighty Bears, 29-17. I’m not sure which of the two were most noticably absent: decent commercials or Chicago’s defense. But we’re done, so it’s time to kick back and switch our HDTV to Rome on HBO. Won’t you join us? – Hickey