Avvenu Player For iTunes Access On The Go

Onto the long list of “things I wish I had when I worked in an office cubicle” I’m adding the Avvenu Music Player, which gives you remote access to your iTunes library through a Web browser on any other Internet-connected Windows or Mac computer or Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone.

Unfortunately, your iTunes library must reside on a Windows XP PC, since that’s the only version of the client available for download. The computer must be up and running and connected to the Internet, too, in order to remotely access your music and you’ll only have access to the unrestricted MP3, AAC and WMA files.

It’s free though, and definitely worth a look-see so you don’t have to worry about loading up your work computer with gigs of music. God (and your IT department) only knows what kind of a slow down you’ll create streaming your music all day.

Make Your iTunes Library Mobile [techcrunch]