Patent Monkey: OQO Mobile Touch Screen as Laptop Accessory?

After being crowned by Bill Gates at CES as the “category-defining UMPC,” we’ve read up on a patent OQO holds. In a way, some patents filed are like dreams… Was it real? I just can’t remember. OQO created a device that could be right in-line with where the market is going…

What would you have if you could combine a touch screen, handheld computing PDA device (that uses touch screen technology) which then could then be connected into a full sized laptop with an OS that allows the two devices to operate autonomously when separate and unified when joined? You’d have a pretty amazing OQO product line of a small ‘on the go’ mobile device that integrates with a full sized machine at your desk leveraging that awesome new dynamic UI.

Updating this concept to recent news, imagine an iPhone that slots into a MacBook Pro, integrating the touch screen dynamic display and controls while in the laptop, which then could be detached, and used as your ‘on the go’ cell/music/internet/mobile device. While the Motorola Q is a “very capable device”, OQO may have a key combination of technologies that would hold a wow factor that Apple enthusiasts crave while becoming the new integratable systems for a laptop + Blackberry + wireless mobile card that business users demand.

Apple has realized one thing in developing the iPod and the iPhone that OQO’s invention taps into – large volume cellular data transfer is not fast, but it is growing in popularity. A joint-purpose charging and file updating procedure fits with what people do (or should do, otherwise you end up with a lot of these). Now, if the iPhone had 2 batteries, then maybe connecting daily would be unnecessary.

There’s a lot of possibilities for how the iPhone or OQO could interact with your office or home network. Who knows, this may just end up just stay on our Dreamy Ideas list.

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