MyBlu Links Your iPod, Mobile

Who needs iPhone? I have a smartphone. I have an iPod. Currently, they do not talk much. But that could change if I were to pick up a MyBlu, the Bluetooth iPod-to-Mobile Phone dongle. Looking very much like a second-generation iPod Shuffle, the MyBlue clips to your pocket or bag strap, then plugs into your iPod. It then sends the audio from your iPod (via the MyBlue’s own headphone jack) to your cell phone, where you can listen through your hands-free kit, if that’s your thing.

Sounds rather pointless, but it does also feature an FM radio and will pause playback when a call comes in, which is a nice touch. No word on pricing, but the manufacturer (Mavizen) is quick to point out that there are and will be many firmware upgrades, which is something that keeps us geeks up at night.

MyBlue [MyBlue dot biz]