Crumpler's Brazillion Dollar Home

Crumpler USA, makers of some of the best bags available, is readying a new flagship pack. The Brazillion Dollar Home is probably the most ridiculously full-featured bag I’ve ever encountered. The pack is made from a brushed nylon water resistant 1000d shell with a 300d ripstop lining to protect all of its precocious goodies—and it can store a lot of them.

I addition to being able to hold two DSLRs with lenses and speedlights, the Brazillion features an unprecedented 24-slot CF card organizer in an external pocket. I really have no idea who has 24 CF cards, but if storage was the only factor limiting you, then Crumpler has heard your call. It also has two tripod straps on the underside.

Oh and, as you can see, it can also fit up to a 17-inch laptop. All told, it has over 20 pockets with 22 configurable compartment inserts.

It is intended for use as a messenger style bag, but if the weight of the million things you’re carrying gets too heavy, there is a second strap that allows it to be worn over both shoulder.

So if you think this beast of a bag is right for you, you’ll be able to pick one up later this month. It’ll be available in the color shown for $265.