PumpOne Mobile For Fatties With Cell Phones

Yep, sorry, called you people fatties again, but at least I’m offering up solutions. Actually, I could stand to lose some weight too, so I thought I should share the newly launched PumpOne Mobile from PumpOne.com with you.

The company specializes in workouts to put on your iPod done by digital trainers to show you proper form for the exercises. Taking that concept one step further, PumpOne has made it possible to get training on demand on your mobile device, be it phone, Blackberry or other. You simply text the word PUMP to 94444 and you get access to more than 80 complete workouts.

One routine will set you back $2.99 for a 24 hour period, but for $4.99 you get access to all of the workouts for seven days. Getting access for a whole month, though, only costs $14.99.

This looks great in theory, especially if you do most of your exercising at home. But my gym doesn’t allow cell phones on the floor, so I wouldn’t be able to use it. Also, it uses a WAP browser to access the site, PumpOne.mobi, which means you better have a good signal.

PumpOne Mobile