Samsung Double-sided LCD Screen

Samsung is on a roll so far this year with the world’s first double-sided LCD screen that has the ability to show two independent images on both sides of the screen. How is this possible? Well with use of Samsung’s new double-gate TFT (thin-flim transistor) architecture, of course. Rather than one gate which only has the ability to operate one pixel at a time the new double-sided screens have two gates allowing it to display one image on the front and a second image on the back. The display also makes use of Sammy’s proprietary ASG (Amorphous Silicon Gate) technology. ASG can accommodate an increase in TFT gates without increasing the size of driver integrated circuits. Each display is 2.22-inches wide with QVGA resolution, support for 265k colors, and a 250-nit brightness on the transmissive primary screen and 100-nit on the secondary reflective screen. Look for it on display at CES…hahaha a display on a display on a display. I crack myself up.

Double-Sided [Samsung]