Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 03

The wait for CES is yawn inducing, but it looms at least. That means no more slow news days; no more staring blankly at my monitor, possibly drooling, waiting for something interesting to happen.

It also means that Reader Response is drawing to a close for awhile. Today we’re giving away one Belkin SportCommand. It’s a great device that has completely changed my cycling habits.

So who wins today?

The winner we’ve selected for today is a guy who has been with us for quite awhile now. It was a tough choice with so many great comments, but we’ve selected bpm2000 as the winner of the Belkin SportCommand. Expect an email soon.

And don’t forget, we still have a bunch more prizes to give away this week courtesy of Belkin. The remaining prizes is a N1 Wireless Router and ExpressCard Notebook Card.

If you want to win, simply comment on this week’s posts. The commenters with the highest frequency and quality of posts will win. And be sure to leave your email address in the commenter info form. No one without a valid email address will win. Happy commenting!