USB to USB: Totally Not Gay

While I firmly and solidly think iTunes does a pretty good job of keeping my photos and music synchronized between my iPod, Treo, Powerbook, and whatever else I’m toting, sometimes it’s too much. If I have photos on my camera I’d like to take off the SD card, but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up my laptop and so forth, I’m screwed.

Until I saw the Rapid Transit (clever!). It’s a device that acts as a hardware conduit between two USB enabled devices. By plugging in, say, a camera and an iPod, you can transfer the photos directly to the iPod’s HD. Use the built-in LCD to select the images you want, pick a destination and then presto (not to be confused with Presto, the computer-free printing device for senior citizens).

It can also be used to copy from iPod-to-iPod, from camera-to-phone, or from pretty much any-USB-device-to-any-other-USB device, provided the file structure is compatible. Just try to keep it legal, kids.

$129 from Herrington.

Rapid Transit [Herrington, via Oh, Gizmo!]