LG DA70 All-in-One TV

Looks like LG is working it’s way back into the home entertainment market with the first product in their TV-PC series. Tagged the DA70, it was launched yesterday in an enticing all black 26-inch LCD television with PC functions letting you watch Family Guy reruns while surfing the net for the newest and greatest stories from the Crunchgear team.

Equipped with an Intel Celeron M430 CPU, 160 GB drive, i945PM chipsets, Intel GMA950 graphics card, a 1 GB DDR2 553 memory and it also features a wireless LAN connection and wireless keyboard.

Expect to pay around $2000. Later this month LG will launch another device for their new line up which will feature even more enhanced PC and an LG-only “time machine”
function which will allow users to capture scenes on live programs by automatically recording broadcast TV.

LG launches LCD TV with PC functions [KoreaHerald]