SkyPartner SP101: Cordless Skype/PSTN DECT Phone

If you have yet to take the Skype plunge because you don’t want to use your computer as a telephone or you’re anti-VoIP or you still like paying the phone company or whatever, the 3J Communications SkyPartner SP101 is here to give you the best of both worlds.

The SkyPartner, like similar options on the market, is a full-featured cordless Skype phone that can also handle PSTN calls. The package includes a USB dongle and DECT handset, which can be separated by up to 160 feet, so you can make Skype phone calls without having to be near a computer.

The MSRP is $119.95 and will be available January 2007. Full specs and features after the jump. Also, is it me, or is this thing just plain ugly?

SkyPartner SP101 [product site]

The complete list of features of the new 3J SkyPartner SP101 phone includes:

· 1.5″ color LCD display with 128 x 128 resolution and full-color Skype GUI

· Pairing of the SP101 and SP102 is done in factory

· Proven DECT technology on the SP101 delivers clear digital communications

· Dual phone capability with calling on Skype and PSTN on the same handset

· Reception up to 1000 feet in open field and 160 feet in home and office between

the SP101 and SP102

· Switchable between Skype and PSTN calls

· 50 phonebook memories

· Skype Voicemail, Call Forwarding, SkypeOut/In services

· Skype buddy list

· Call forwarding from Skype to PSTN

· Conference Call

· Call Waiting

· Skype User profile

· Independent call list for normal phone numbers and Skype contacts

· Hands free speakerphone/ LCD Backlight/Blue Keypad

· Programmable ringer signal on handset

· Level battery indicator

· Signal strength indicator

· Earpiece volume adjust

· Out of range alert

· Battery low alert

· Handset power supply: 2 AAA rechargeable batteries, Ni-MH 750 mAh

· Up to 120 hours standby time; 8 hours talk time.

· USB Phone with 1.1 full speed mode

· Headset jack on the SP101 handset

· USB driver is provided