DS: "I Want To Be Like Wii!"

If you’ve been wishing your Nintendo DS was more like the Nintendo Wii, the DS motion card may be something to look into. The motion card plugs into the DS card slot and features a 3-axis accelerometer and single-axis gyroscope, turning your DS into a motion-sensing ‘Tenda. At the moment, there are only a few apps that support the motion-sensing card (DSaSketch, Sprout and Water Drops Tilt), but we’ll definitely see more as soon as the card releases. Not only is the DS motion card pretty darn revolutionary, it also opens up new doors for handheld game developers. Who knows, maybe the motion card will get popular enough to get picked up by Nintendo and become an official DS accessory. It may be wishful thinking, but it would really take handheld gaming to the next level.

DS: “I Want To Be Like Wii!” [ds fanboy]