CNET Editor James Kim's Family Found

As I’m sure you’ve read, CNET editor James Kim and his family disappeared while heading out on vacation to the Pacific Northwest. Late last night, the news broke that his wife and daughters had been found and appear to be just fine. Unfortunately, James is still missing, so no sighs of relief just yet.

Apparently the family survived for an entire week in the Oregon wilderness, keeping warm using the car heater and burning tires. James went out on snowshoes to search for help and hasn’t been seen since. I can’t imagine what a terrifying decision leaving his family behind must have been. I don’t know James well, but I’ve spoken to him a few times and, as everybody out there has said, he is a really solid and great guy. Needless to say, we’ve all got our fingers crossed.

Although we still don’t know exactly how they got stranded, as more details of the story come out, the crazier it all seems. I seriously can’t fit it all here, so please check out the link.

[via CNET]