iPhone Patent Application: Ceramic Sasquatch Revealed

gets hopped on ale and goofballs and spills the beans, bloggers have found the secret iPhone patent complete with the constipated phrasing that makes these such a joy to read. What do we learn from this massive document?

1. A portable computing device capable of wireless communications, the portable computing device comprising: an enclosure that surrounds and protects the internal operational components of the portable computing device, the enclosure including a structural wall formed from a ceramic material that permits wireless communications therethrough.

10. The portable computing device as recited in claim 9 wherein the ceramic material is zirconia.

13. The portable computing device as recited in claim 9 wherein the enclosure includes an extruded tube of the ceramic material, and end caps that close the ends of the extruded tube of ceramic material.

14. A handheld computing device, comprising: a seamless tube formed from a ceramic material and extending along a longitudinal axis, the seamless tube having a first open end and a second open end opposite the first open end, the elongated seamless tube defining an internal lumen which is sized and dimensioned for insertion of operational components of the handheld computing device.

Cubic zirconia what? Ceramic who? Well, there you have it. The iPhone will be made of beautiful ceramic and contain electronics. Maybe it will come in Hummel figurine shapes. You can talk into a little shepherd’s foot. Let’s keep this one on the back burner until we know what’s really up.

Apple’s United States Patent Application 20060268528 [MyiPhone]