Apple Rumor Convergence: The Truth is Out Where?

with docking station.

Sure, that’s fine, it’s a rumor we see more frequently than a new episode of Lost. But then another rumor comes along stating that Apple is putting the finishing touches on its thinnest portable yet, ostensibly a 12-inch widescreen MacBook even more svelte than the current lineup. That would put it in the roughly .75-inch-range or smaller. Even more, the rumors state that the device would keep its optical drive and sport a dual-core proc.

What, dear reader, if these two portable Macs were actually one in the same? A docking station would make perfect sense as a way to allow the portable to keep its optical drive while remaining thin. Apple tried the same scheme before with the popular Duo line, there’s no reason to think it’s given up on the idea.

Both rumors also indicate a Q1-07 launch, and are both in about the same stage of development. Could this simply be two sides of the same Apple branded coin?

Tell us what you think.

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