Otterbox Your 2G Nano

Another day, another iPod case. However, this one’s from Otterbox, which specializes in cases to do more than just prevent some scratches. The new 2G iPod nano case features an airtight seal for keeping out all Mother Nature has to offer, including full water protection. And it’s rugged design protects your nano from falls and scratches.

It’s not exactly slim, so if you’re looking to cut down on bulk, this isn’t for you. It is clear, though, so you’re not covering up what color you bought. (Good for showing off your (PRODUCT) RED model, letting the world know what a good soul you have. Or that you like the color red.) Plus, the company uses a thin protective membrane over the clickwheel that lets you control your tunes without cracking the case open.

It’s on sale now for $39.95 and you can pick up an armband too while you’re at it for $14.95 and some waterproof headphones for $39.95.

The OtterBox for iPod nano 2nd Generation [product site]