How to position Second Life to your Clients

I’m still astonished how quickly Second Life has mainstreamed, Duran Duran gigs aside, there’s a surprisingly rapid corporate adoption of virtual presences by the likes of IBM, Reuters and American Apparel. Recently I learned that Theakston is also seeking to establish a virtual pub in SL!

Linden Lab’s creation is giving rise to a interesting secondary economy of real estate, avatar accessories, in-life artefacts and indeed an emerging consultancy market on how best to exploit SL. Next month, Linden is hosting a pair of workshops, in London and Boston, for agencies looking to help their clients establish projects and presences in Second Life. The London event, How to position Second Life to your Clients, will take place on 13th December.

I wonder if I can convince Sam and Mike to hold a future TechCrunch event in SL ;)