Gobble Gobble PING! Assign An IP Address To Your Turkey

After Thanksgiving, we know you’re sick of turkey. Trust us, we ate enough of that shit to fall asleep longer than Rip Van Winkle. But this is a gadget of utmost importance that should be considered for next Thanksgiving: The Stoker BBQ Controller. It comes with the usual probes you’d use to when cooking a gigantic animal, but also features a completely programmable computer controller that can be programmed to sustain a particular temperature inside your dome piece.

But that’s not what makes it totally gnarly man. This thing will assign an IP address to the grill if you use DHCP and plug an ethernet cable into the controller. Then you can remotely control the temperature inside the dome, set alarms, and do many other things all from the comfort of your home. This would be great if it’s all rainy and cold on your Thanksgiving and you don’t feel like going outside to keep checking on the bird. The Stoker BBQ systems range in price from $150 up to $300, so have some cash ready and be serious about your BBQ before running out to buy one.

A smoked turkey with an IP address… [MAKE]
Official Site [Stoker Systems]