Mac Tablet In The Works? Possible 2007 Release

What would Monday be without another Apple rumor? This time there is speculation that Apple is looking to make a tablet PC with a docking station. In fact, Apple already has a working prototype and is preparing talks with three different Taiwanese manufacturers to produce the tablet. Amazing how some people have so much detail from sources and yet, fail to snap a single picture of this supposed prototype that is slated for a mid-year 2007 release.

Anyway, the Mac tablet will have a touchscreen, home automation features (like controlling music wirelessly), HDMI output, and “additional memo0ry capability” according to Smarthouse. Yeah, we’re going to like, go grab a frappuccino and shit while you keep waiting for this fairy tale Mac tablet. Oh, and keep those Apple rumors coming. We enjoy them immensely.

Apple Mac Tablet PC With Docking Station In 07 [Smarthouse]