Forbes Video Interview With Digg CEO

Michele Steele at Forbes Video Network interviewed Digg CEO Jay Adelson to discuss site usage and acquisition rumors. The video was posted on November 22, 2006.

Steele asked Adelson about the size of the Digg audience (Digg has claimed 20 million uniques a month, v. 1.3 million that Comscore reports). He responded by saying that Digg sees about 1.5 million uniques per day when RSS readers are combined with website traffic, and he claims that third party website monitoring tool are flawed (I agree).

Steele also asked Adelson about the recent rumors that Digg was close to selling for $150 million. He denied the rumors and stated flat out that Digg is not currently in acquisition discussions with anyone.

My favorite exchange is when Steele asks Adelson “What will keep Digg from being a one trick pony?” His answer – “community.”