The Scoblizer is here in the UK

Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble – author of the Naked Conversations – and now Podtech ScobleShow, is coming to the UK next week. He’ll be presenting at the Online Information 2006 conference with Adriana Cronin-Lukas.

Robert says “I have my video camera and would love to meet up with anyone who has interesting technology to show me.”

Robert and Hugh McLeod are also trying to organise a geek event in London. I have left Robert and Hugh a message which I hope they will pick up because there is of course the Firefox Party at The Lane Bar on Friday. Tristan Nitot – the head of Mozilla Europe – and several other key Firefox developers from the US will be there.

Robert sadly won’t be going to the IT@Cork conference but Hugh McLeod will be there speaking along with Marc Canter. I don’t know how long Robert is over in Europe but there is Le Web 3 on the 11th December (764 people already registered and closing fast) and the London Geek’s party (they hit 400 sign-ups in exactly 35 hours).