Jessica Biel: Socially Conscious Hottie, RFID Supporter

Maybe this is old news to you since we’re sure you read your copy of RFID Journal (The World’s RFID Authority) cover to cover already, but RFID tags are starting to be slapped on official memorabilia to prove authenticity. One of the first to start using them is actress Jessica Biel.

The tags, which are being supplied by Denver-based systems integrator RFID Ltd., will authenticate signed movie stills from Biel’s latest movie, Home of The Brave. About a dozen of the items associated with the film will go up for auction on eBay with the proceeds benefiting Serving Those Who Serve, which rehabs the houses of returning combat-wounded war veterans.

The AuthentiChips used will have unique ID numbers and link to a database that’ll hold an item’s date of purchase, appraised value, owner, manufacturer and other data. To deter hackers from copying the tags, the ID number itself will be encrypted and possibly combined with a unique physical identifier, such as a hologram.

RFID Certifies Celebrity Collectibles