Nyko to World: We Did Not Burninate Your Xbox

In response to claims that Nyko’s Intercooler 360 Xbox cooling system burns up Xbox 360s, Nyko is essentially saying that it’s impossible and that you people better calm yourselves. Fair enough. However, they’re also saying:

While a small percentage of all products suffer from defects, the total defect rate for the Intercooler 360 is well under 1%, which is less than half of the average for consumer electronics products. All consumer products will suffer from a small number of defects, and Nyko is extremely proud of the low defect rates for the Intercooler 360. For those consumers who feel they have received a defective product, Nyko will replace both the damaged Intercooler 360 and Xbox 360 console upon first hand verification that the Intercooler 360 caused the system to fail.

So if something happens, give them a ring, but it’s probably no their fault.

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