PlayStation 3 Dissected

Yes, yes I know. It’s a travesty that anyone could bring oneself to rip a PS3 apart, but this destruction ended up being fruitful.

If you manage to wrangle yourself a PS3, it appears the console can be dissected relatively easily. Some people who have embarked on this endeavor have had success with replacing the included hard drive for one with a higher capacity.

One person in Japan, for instance, took the console apart and replaced the included hard drive with a 120GB drive. The interesting thing here is that, if you’re feeling industrious, you could lay hands on a 20GB PS3 for $500 and cheaply upgrade it to a much larger capacity drive.

I doubt I could bring myself to dissect a PS3, but if you’re braver than I, then perhaps this is food for thought anyway.

Dissection and Hard Drive Replacement [via Engadget]