Not in Seattle? Still Want a Zune? No Problem. Beg.

So if you don’t live in Seattle, or can’t reasonably be there by Monday morning, don’t fret, we’ve got your back. In addition to our Super Zune Sweepstakes thing, we have one Zune and one Belkin Folio Kickstand Case for Zune to give away to anyone in the States.

Winning is simple. All you have to do is beg. That’s right, beg. Send us an email begging for a Microsoft Zune and Belkin Folio Kickstand Case.

The entrant who sends in the most convincing begging will be selected to receive the Zune package. Put “Please give me a Zune!” in the subject line of your entry and send them to blake at crunchgear dot com and be sure to include your contact information (real name, address, phone number, etc.). One entry per person.

I should also note that entries to this contest are being judged on the merit of your begging, not just pleading. We’re looking for creativity here. Your begging can consist of pictures, video, sound, words, whatever, just as long as it is a creative cry for Zune! All entries must be received by Sunday at High Noon (PST), so get to groveling.

Edit: OK, so “beg” was intended to be humorous, but some people seem to be taking offense to the premise. So for those of you who are having issues with the comical element here, perhaps it would be more effective for you to consider the contest thus: Tell us why you need a Zune more than anyone else. Your appeal can be conducted in basically any medium, just be creative with it.

The whole idea here was to provide a contrast to the fairly involved scavenger hunt taking place in Seattle, we weren’t trying to be assholes or anything, we’re just trying to give away a free Zune.

Great entries so far everyone.

Disclaimer: If you’re in Seattle, or within a reasonable commute from Seattle, you should not enter this contest. Instead, focus your attention on the special Seattle Zune Contest for a chance to not only win a Zune and Belkin Folio Kickstand Case, but the opportunity to meet Secret Machines and spend the day rocking out to them and Blonde Redhead.