Rumor: Apple May Release 8-Core Mac

It’s only been a couple months since Apple released the Mac Pro, which features two 2.66GHz dual-core Intel Xeon “Woodcrest” processors, but now rumors are floating around that Apple is preparing to release a new computer that will feature a total of eight cores. If the new eight-core Mac does release, it will probably feature two of Intel’s quad-core Xeon “Clovertown” processors, which will give demanding users the power they’ve been yearning for.

Personally, even when I use a powerful customized Mac Pro, I often find the Mac chugging to keep up while running something like Logic Pro 7 or Pro-Tools and a bunch of plug-ins. I’m hoping that an 8-core Mac will eliminate that lag, open up doors to run more apps (and plug-ins) and not make me sell my car at the same time. The rumor also says that we should be expect to hear some news about the new Mac sometime in mid-November, and if that’s the case, lets hope it releases sometime before December, so we can use Christmas as an excuse to blow a few grand.

Rumor: Apple May Release 8-Core Mac [ubergizmo]