Lik-Sang Sued Out of Business By Sony

Lik-Sang, the Hong Kong-based video game and video game accessories company, has been forced out of business thanks to Sony and Sony Europe. As you may have heard, Sony’s filed a lawsuit against Lik-Sang for infringing on their trademarks by selling Asian Sony PSP consoles to people in Europe, and bypassing various other anti-region-lock schemes.

Lik-Sang is going to refund all orders on products and pre-order cash on stuff like the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii. Although Lik-Sang services many other people, like allowing customers in the US to import cheaper, Asian versions of Xbox 360 games, they weren’t equipped financially to handle the Sony lawsuit and thus, are shutting down completely.

Good bye Lik-Sang. We’ll miss ya.

Press Release [Lik-Sang]