T3 Scooters Wants Cops To Dump Segway

Slightly less dorky, yet simultaneously more dorky than the Segway scooter, the T3 Series scooters are looking to win the hearts and feet of cops everywhere. The T3 is a scooter with three wheels, LED system, GPS, glovebox and rechargeable battery. Its battery can be swapped out in the field in case the officer forgot to plug in last night, and costs around $1,200-$1,800 for each battery.

The cost of the unit itself is unknown, but should be cheaper than the Segway thanks to is lack of motion balancing and otherwise unsophisticated machinery. It really does just look like a motorized scooter instead of one that self-balances. Either way, expect at least some cops to be running your ass down in one of these within a few years. Unless you get into a car.

Robocop Ride: T3 Motion Aims To Supplant Segway [Edmunds via Jalopnik]