Slingbox to Hit Symbian This Year

Nokia and Sony Ericsson fans have been clamoring for Symbian Slingbox support and now their cries of anguish have been heard. Zatz is reporting that a Slingbox client will for S60 and UIQ phones will hit Europe and Asia this year and the US next year.

Sling Media writes: The new SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian OS software package will enable users to transform their supported Symbian smartphones on S60 and UIQ into personal, on-the-go digital TVs providing anytime, anywhere access to their living room television experience.

To date, over 82 million Symbian smartphones have been sold worldwide to over 250 major network operators. According to Gartner, Symbian accounted for about 71 percent of worldwide smartphone shipments in the second quarter of 2006.

Slingbox on Symbian, Coming Q4 in Europe & Asia [ZatzNotFunny]