We Want Wii: Preorder Demand Higher Than Expected

The reports are coming in, most Gamestops and EB Games stores were overwhelmed with larger crowds for the Nintendo Wii than they were earlier this week with the Playstation 3. Most stores sold out before they even opened. If I had read this yesterday, I would not have believed it, but my experience at EB Games today says different.

When I arrived at EB Games around 9:00 AM earlier this week to grab a Playstation 3 preorder, I was number 16 in line out of 19, and was turned down. I kept my head up and got to EB Games at 7:00 AM this morning to find there were people already camped out front! By the 9:00 AM there were over 25 people in line, by opening there were more than 40! I managed to grab a Wii preorder since I was there early, but I really didn’t expect that kind of crowd to be there for Nintendo’s new console. Could this really be? Is Sony losing power? We’ll just have to let the next few months play out to see what happens next. Isn’t next gen bashing fun?!

Wii Preorder Demand Higher Than Expected [Wiiloaded]