Belkin TuneStage II Beams Music over Bluetooth

The problem with iPod docks is that even with a wireless remote, you need to walk up to them to see tiny menu. The Belkin TuneStage II eliminates that problem by using Bluetooth to transmit audio from your iPod to a receiver that plugs into your home stereo. This way, you can keep your iPod in your pocket and control playback the way you want without schlepping over to the dock.

The TuneStage II can also transmit audio to Bluetooth stereo headphones, which means there’s no wire between your iPod and Bluetooth headphones. Which then means you’re looking pretty snazzy looking on the subway. Which in turn means the chicas will be scrambling to get a piece of you.

The player uses your iPod as a power source, so you’re going to get about 7 hours of playtime on a charged iPod. It works with all Nanos, the Mini, and 4th and 5th generation iPods.

Press Release [Belkin]