Red One Prototype, Lens Found; Remainder Remains AWOL

has been recovered. The private investigators hired by Jannard to find the missing gear have been successful in locating the swiped prototype, lens, and some personal computers. The development information, however, is still at large, though Jannard is optimistic in his post over at DVXUser.

In addition, Red asks us not to speculate on the motives or identities of the thieves, but where’s the fun in that? Due to how quickly the stolen items were found, it seems that there were plenty of leads. This lends itself to the idea that it might not have been a competitor as one would assume (Sony, Panasonic, Aliens, Warick Davis in the employ of George Lucas, Future Scientist from the Year 2522, or Mark Foley), but rather an inside job, probably in hopes of selling to any of the above companies.

Hopefully, the rest of the missing items will fall in line quickly, and we’ll have the geekiest mugshot ever.

Recovery…Mostly [DVXUser]