MobMart the mobile auction site, lets you do everything with just your phone.

MobMart is a new mobile-powered auction site. MobMart is “the first auction site” that lets you do everything from your mobile; sell, browse, bid and pay. To sell something is really simple; just snap a picture, send it to 07720 11 00 22 and fill in the simple form. Selling is completely free. And because you’re using your camera phone, you can also post video clips too. Why not create your own TV-style ads!

You can then browse, buy or bid for items by texting “MOBMART” to 80988 or you can simply go to their new .mobi domain on your phone. To make life simple they’ll send you texts when bids are placed on your items or when you’re out-bid.

Starting Monday 9th October, MobMart officially launches and they will be looking for the best item posted each day and giving the seller £50!?

“That might be the biggest, the smallest, the craziest, the best video, or just the most well crafted sales pitch.”

Of course there have been other mobile based auction sites Hunt For IT and Ebay Mobile which is a simplified version of the website but what I found equally interesting about MobMart was the fact they have partnered with the Norwegian company Luup to enable people to make mobile phone micropayments using SMS. So with MobMart you can truly do everything just using your mobile phone.