Nvidia G80 Details

Nvida has released a bunch of details about the retail G80-boards due out next month. The board will be dubbed the GeForce 8800 and it will come in two models: GTS and GTX.

The GTX will have a 575MHz clock and 768MB GDDR3 memory clocked at 900Mhz. Its memory is is 384-bit and capable of 86GB/s throughput.

For those of you who don’t demand the absolutely highest performance, the GTS is adequately speced for the more value-minded consumers. It touts a 500MHz clock and 640MB DDR3. The memory is only 320-bit and capable of 64GB/s throughput.

Both boards will be HDCP compliant and feature dual-link DVI, VIVO and HDTV. No word yet on pricing, but expect them to drop in the second week of November.

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