iKaraoke: Instant Fun

If you’re the type that loves karaoke, but don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of the locals at the bar (or the jukebox just doesn’t have what you’re looking for), the iKaraoke is your answer. Ikaraoke is a slim microphone that connects to your iPod. Once you hit the switch located on the microphone, the existed vocals of the song you are playing will fade allowing you to sing along with Motley Crue. The iKaraoke keeps all the backing vocals and instruments! The iKaraoke hooks up to your stereo via line-in cable, or wirelessly through your FM receiver. Ikaraoke also features three levels of reverb to blend vocals and accompaniment, in case you can’t hit all those high notes. Ikaraoke is due out this winter, hopefully in time for Christmas. No pricing available yet.

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