Heart-Shaped Digital Frame/Keychain Thing

, but OMG these are so cute. Sure, they’re not for macho guys like us, but the girls who read CrunchGear, they like gadgets made for them, too.

These little buddies can store up to 56 digital photos via USB from your computer, and you can scroll through to select the sweetheart of the week’s face, so every time you get into your Porche, there he/she/it is. They come in red, blue and lavendar, and don’t require you to change batteries: they charge up via USB.

The photo screen is 96×64 pixels, so you’ll want close-ups, but the included software helps you with the task. At $39.99, they make a great gift idea. Who knows, maybe after you get her one of these, guys, you can go back to Halo without being inter-god-damn-rupted?

1.1″ Heart-Shaped Mini Photo Keychain [Tricod, Inc.]