Private BETA screening for bloggers?

Hugh McLeod, he of gapingvoid fame, is talking about inviting bloggers to a private screening of a new film called Hallam Foe.

At the moment the Hallam Foe film screening has been tentatively pencilled in for 28th September followed by a Geek dinner? The aim is to get the invitees to blog about the film and spread the word. Hugh describes it as a “what do you think” event which reminds me more about how software is launched using public betas to garner feedback, thus enabling the buzz to spread virally, before the formal press announcement.

“This would not be your typical “Here’s some free tickets, now go write about our damn movie” idea. For one thing, the film would only be shown in rough cut, as the final cut is not due for a couple of months yet. The way I see it, it would be more of a “This is what we’re doing, what do you think” sort of evening. Dave, Colin and some of the production team would turn up, meet some of the bloggers, and hopefully come away understanding the blogosphere a bit better.”

I guess if you want tickets you need to let Hugh know in his comments section, right now I haven’t seen a wiki up for the event.