NIMF Game Ratings Summit

The National Institute on Media and the Family organization has announced the National Video Game Summit. The two-day event will address issues about video game ratings and how inappropriate games are being available to minors. The summit will be moderated by Dr. David Walsh, president of the organization, and Doug Gentile, Iowa State University-Center for the Study of Violence. So what exactly goes on at this non-violent tea party? Well, all attendees will review the current ESRB rating system and debate the validity and accuracy of the current ESRB rating system. The attendees include over twenty scholars, educators and experts on media violence and child behavior.

I feel like I’m always coming back to the obvious here: What the hell are the parents doing when their kids are buying and/or playing these games? How much money has to go into parental negligence? Of course both organizations are non-profit, but I still think we’re overlooking the obvious.

NIMF Ratings Summit [media family]