Maxtor Fusion Drive: First Impressions

I’m just getting around to opening the Maxtor Fusion drive we received this week and I can honestly say that it’s an incredible device. It’s the perfect mix between media server and network storage device and despite its staid exterior it’s definitely a home and small office winner.

I’ll be doing an in-depth review next week, but here are some first impressions:

  • Maxtor has gotten media sharing right – This device is dead simple – plug it in, fill out a few setup screens, create a dynamic DNS name, and tell your mom to point her browser to your pictures, music, and movies. It’s just that easy.
  • The Fusion is actually a computer – This little bugger is definitely running Linux on some relatively quick processor, probably an ARM.
  • Having lots of storage space is addictive – This is a 500GB drive. I also have Maxtor terabyte drive floating around here. Just imagining the stuff I can back up makes me drool. I know, I’m sad.
  • MyFrabrik is OK – The MyFabrik interface used by the Fusion is highly AJAX-y and acceptable. It could be a little more intuitive, but we’ll talk more about that next week.