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These are the people who pay the bills and the lavish salaries our writers demand. We’re biased, but we highly recommend you give ’em a click and say hello.


Visit LogoJeez for your logo design needs. LogoJeez has a number of professional packages to choose from and TechCrunch readers get a 15% discount on their normal prices.


Flock is the perfect advertiser on TechCrunch. I’ve said I only want companies to advertise that I’ve reviewed and endorse, and Flock is certainly in that category. It is, hands down, the best browser on the market in my opinion.

Adobe Flex

Flash and Ajax are turning into the dominant technologies for building new web applications. There is some seriously cool new stuff coming in the near future from Adobe as well. Our favorite Flash application is still Gotuit. Listening to music videos right now on Gotuit in fact.

EV1 Servers

EV1 Servers rock. You can order a server with a credit card and have it live within 5 minutes. We use EV1 to run CrunchBoard and CrunchGear, and love it (and we ay for these servers, no discount).

Logo Works

will create a new logo for your business, as well as other stuff like a website, business cards, etc., for a very reasonable price, starting at $300. They work with a number of independent designers and you see logo ideas from a bunch of them before deciding which you like best. We wrote about Logoworks back in May, before they were a sponsor, and loved the work they did for us.

Text Link Ads

TLA is a growing advertising company based somewhere in the midwest (they keep telling me and I keep forgetting). But what I don’t forget is how much money bloggers say they make from putting up their simple text ads, and how much advertisers like the product. It’s easy to sign up and they offer $100 in free ads to TechCrunch readers. If you are testing out new advertising solutions, you should check out what they have to offer.

If you are interested in becoming a TechCrunch sponsor or advertiser, please review the information here. And if you are looking for a job, check out the great listings on CrunchBoard.