Logitech Launches iPod Speakers

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Quite a bit of news out of Logitech these past few days. First they have a cavalcade of headsets and now these two speakers.

The $299.99 Logitech AudioStation includes a built-in AM/FM radio and has a backlit, touch sensitive control panel and LCD street. It works with any iPod and includes a nice DSP for 3D sound.

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The $129.99 AudioStation Express is a bit smaller and runs on AC or battery power. It also includes a remote control and a travel case for – well – travel.

Both are going with a lean aesthetic that Logitech seems to be adopting right now. The AudioStation almost looks like a boom-box with a nice OLED-looking face and great speaker grills. What will they sound like? I have a set of Logitech portable speakers that we use in the kitchen and they’re just fine for everyday use and if the hands-free Skype stuff I demoed are any indication, they’ll be just fine.